Inside the company there is design studio that use specific 3D softwares to solve the problems and to develop the clients requirements.

We use the following machiens:

–       n°1 Laser plant Amada 4000 watt whit an automatic warehouse

–       n°1 Fiber Laser Amada with automatic warehouse

–       n°2 Punchers Amada automatic loading-unloading

–       n°1 Automatic warehouse sheets stock

–       n°13 Benders AMADA-LVD-SCHIAVI

–       n°2 Shears

–       n°6 Spot Welders

–       n°5 Welding Workspaces

–       n°2 GTAW Workspaces

–       n°1 Kawasaki Welding Robot

–       n°1 Machine to glaze Inox Steel

–       n°2 Automatic industry cutter to cut tube and wiredrawn

–       n°2 Rolling-press

–       n°1 Automatic plant for epoxy powder coating

–       n°1 Manual paint cabin (Sizes: 4m x 2m x 2,50m)

–       n°1 Plant for mixing and dosage for seals on powder coated or stainless steel panels to guarantee the protection level: IP65

–       n°1 line dedicated to the bonding of glasses whit bi-component adhesives